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Our D3C cylinders are handy for a wide range of magnetic applications. A good size for science projects, they pose very little danger of pinching. The long, cylindrical shape makes them easy to handle.

Case1 Pull Force, Case 1 vs. distance: Magnet to a Steel Plate.
Case2 Pull Force, Case 2 vs. distance: Between 2 Steel Plates.
Case3 Pull Force, Case 3 vs. distance: Magnet to Magnet.
Case4 Pull Force, Case 4 vs. distance: Magnet to Magnet Repulsion.
Magnetic Field Click here for a depiction of the magnetic field.
BH Curves View B-H curves for this magnet.

SpecSheet Click here to download a PDF Specification Sheet.
Drawing Click here to download a PDF drawing of this product.
Cert Click here to download a Certificate of Compliance for this product.
RoHS Click here to download a RoHS Statement of Compliance for this product.
MSDS Click here to download a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product.
OriginClick here to download a Certificate of Origin for this product.
STEP Click here to download a .STEP file (3D model).
IGS Click here to download an .IGS file (3D model).

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