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These are just like our BC66 magnets, but with poor plating.  Some of these magnets have splotches and imperfections in the plating, and just aren't good enough to meet our quality standards.  Make our mistake your gain.  Get these surplus blocks while they last!

This is a mighty strong block magnet despite its relatively small size. Powerful enough for some very demanding tasks, but don't be fooled... this magnet can pinch quite hard if mishandled.  

Case1 Pull Force, Case 1 vs. distance: Magnet to a Steel Plate.
Case2 Pull Force, Case 2 vs. distance: Between 2 Steel Plates.
Case3 Pull Force, Case 3 vs. distance: Magnet to Magnet.
Case4 Pull Force, Case 4 vs. distance: Magnet to Magnet Repulsion.
Magnetic Field Click here for a depiction of the magnetic field.
BH Curves View B-H curves for this magnet.

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