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Mag-Neato Toys

With the holiday season approaching, what should you get for your favorite magnet enthusiast?  Or if you’re the one who is crazy about magnets, what hints should you share with those looking for gift ideas?

Mag-Neato Toys

Some of our favorite toys that we often share aren’t actually neodymium magnets.  See our Mag-Neato Toys section for a variety of shapes of some really fun magnets.  These aren’t neodymium – they’re made from polished hematite magnet material.  They’re a lot weaker than a neodymium magnet, but they are seriously fun.

Unlike neodymium magnets, you can toss and let these magnets hit one another without worrying so much about breaking them.  In fact, the various ways you can let these magnets come together make interesting sounds.  It is a lot of fun!  They’re a perfect size that is easy to grab, strong enough to be fun but not too strong.

In the video below, we show how to make them whistle, buzz and snap.  It's a decent demonstration, but completely fails to show how long kids can stay entertained by these magnets!

They’re strong enough to do the trick where you make a magnet on top of a wood tabletop move around by moving another magnet underneath.  In the video below, we used two magnets stuck together underneath to provide enough strength to reach through the thick desk.

Other gift ideas

Our D68PC-RB, plastic coated magnets are a popular addition to magnet orders.  One of these offers a handy, inexpensive way to identify the poles of another neodymium magnet, as described in: Which Pole is North?  Also, their plastic coating makes them much more durable than un-coated neodymium magnets, which are hard and brittle.

Our TIN1 tin of magnets offers a great assortment of neodymium magnet shapes and sizes for a great price.  These powerful neodymium magnets are not toys.

Our Magnetic Thumbtacks are also a great stocking stuffer.  The smaller (TK) size is great for holding cards and artwork to the fridge. The larger (XLTK) size is strong for a fridge magnet, able to hold up a 12 page calendar!


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