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Magnetization Direction for Neodymium Magnets

Discs & Cylinders

Disc and Cylinder magnets can be axially or diametrically magnetized.

Axially Magnetized

Examples include D82 and D48.

Diametrically Magnetized

Examples include D82DIA and D48DIA.



Block magnets are defined by three dimensions: Length, Width and Thickness.  To be consistent, we define the Thickness dimension along the axis of magnetization.  The thickness is usually the smallest dimension, but not always!

We're sometimes asked if we can provide block magnets magnetized through the length or width.  Yes, we do have some long "bar" magnets, where the magnetization is in the longest dimension. We do still define this as the Thickness, though.

Magnetized Through Thickness

Examples include B882 and B828.



Ring magnets can be axially or diametrically magnetized.

Axially Magnetized

Examples include R424 and R828.

Diametrically Magnetized

Examples include R424DIA and R828DIA.



Spheres can only be axially magnetized.  There is only one possible direction.

Axially Magnetized

Examples include S4 and S8.


Mounting Magnets

Round Mounting Magnets are assembled with an axially magnetized disc or ring magnet set inside a steel cup.  The north pole of the magnet faces outward.

Our Rectangular Mounting Magnets are constructed in a similar fashion.

North Pole Facing Out

Examples include MMS-C-X4 and MM-A-32.


Arc Segments

Arc Segment magnets can be magnetized in one of four directions.

North on the Outside Face

Examples include AX2C45-N and AY0X030-N.

South on the Outside Face

Examples include AX2C45-S and AY0X030-S.


Magnetized through Circumference

One example is the AY0X030-C.

Magnetized through Thickness

One example is the AY0X030-T.


Arc Magnetization with Poles on Inner & Outer Face

Note that the magnetization is along a straight axis, and is not truly radial.  The lines do not converge at the center of the arc.  When assembled, arc segments like this can be used to approximate a radially magnetized ring.

Circumferential Magnetization of Arc Segments

Again, the lines of magnetization are all parallel.  The lines do not curve around the arc.



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