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Custom Neodymium Magnets

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We supply custom magnets in many shapes, sizes, and grades of neodymium material. Please fill out the inquiry form below and we will be happy to provide pricing for any magnet you may need that meets the size requirements listed below. Please note that unlike orders for stock magnets, custom magnet orders require a minimum purchase amount (usually $250 per shape), and take about 7-9 weeks to fulfill**.

Size Limitations:

In other words, your magnet shape should fit within the boundaries of a 4" x 4" x 2" box, with the magnetization direction in the 2" direction.

Also note that neodymium magnets are made from a hard, brittle material. Many shapes that would be easy to manufacture in a steel or aluminum part are not necessarily feasible in a neodymium magnet. Complex shapes or shapes with thin cross sections might not be possible.

Custom magnet sales are final. We are not able to cancel or edit your custom magnet order after it is placed and paid for. Custom orders are not eligible for return unless the products do not meet the original specifications.

If you have questions about custom magnets, email our engineers at contactus@kjmagnetics.com.

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What does Magnetization Direction mean?
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What does Magnetization Direction mean?
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What does Magnetization Direction mean?
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The custom magnet ordering process

Custom magnet ordering process flowchart

**7-9 weeks is the typical lead time under normal shipping conditions. The lead time could be increased due to unforeseen coronavirus situations.