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Home The K&J Magnetics welcome page.

Products The K&J Magnetics Products page, shows a top-level listing of product categories.

     Disc/Cylinder MagnetsNeodymium magnets in disc and cylinder shapes

     Neodymium Block MagnetsRectangular, square and cube shapes.

     Neodymium Ring MagnetsDiscs or cylinders with holes.

     Neodymium Sphere MagnetsSpherical or "ball" shaped neodymium magnets.

     Surplus Neodymium MagnetsVarious surplus magnets that we have acquired and offer at discounted prices.

     Mounting MagnetsPowerful magnets for attraction to a steel surface, plus the utility of attachment with a screw, hook or other threaded feature.

          Standard Mounting MagnetsDifferent styles of mounting hardware utilizing the incredible power of neodymium magnets. Designed for ANSI standard hardware, includes some with holes, studs, female studs and even hooks!

               MMS-AFlat mount with a tapered center hole for recessing the head of a screw.

               MMS-BFlat mount with a straight center hole to recess a bolt or a pan head screw.

               MMS-CSolid mounting magnet with a male stud attached for bolting to an assembly.

               MMS-DSolid mounting magnet with a female threaded shaft attached.

               MMS-ESolid mounting magnets with hooks attached.

               MMS-GSolid mounting magnets with eye hooks attached.

               MMS-HFlat mount with an internally threaded hole for attaching to a bolt.

          Metric Mounting MagnetsDifferent styles of mounting hardware utilizing the incredible power of neodymium magnets. Designed for metric, or ISO hardware, includes some with holes, studs, female studs and even hooks!

               MM-AFlat mount with a tapered center hole for recessing the head of a screw.

               MM-BFlat mount with a straight center hole to recess a bolt or a pan head screw.

               MM-CSolid mounting magnet with a male stud attached for bolting to an assembly.

               MM-DSolid mounting magnet with a female threaded shaft attached.

               MM-ESolid mounting magnets with hooks attached.

               MM-FSmall hooks with a strong magnet inside.

               MM-RCRubber covers for our Mounting Magnets to protect surfaces and prevent slipping. Now available for sizes 32mm through 75mm diameter.

          Rectangular Mounting MagnetsThe incredible strength of our Mounting Magnets, now available in a rectangular shape. A K&J exclusive!

          Magnetic HooksHooks with strong magnets inside provide a great solution for hanging objects from various surfaces. Metal walls, refrigerators, filing cabinets, etc.

          Stainless Mounting MagnetsMounting Magnets completely encased in stainless steel. Great for applications where corrosion is a concern.

          Rubber Mounting MagnetsNew! These versatile and strong rubber mounting magnets are the answer to many questions! The rubber coating is a grippy, high friction surface, great for hanging stuff. It also helps protect against corrosion.

     Plastic/Rubber CoatedOur super strong neodymium magnets coated in plastic and rubber are completely weatherproof and are virtually indestructible.

     Countersunk MagnetsCountersunk magnets are great for many applications including door closures, hanging art on a wall, and more!

     Grade N52 MagnetsNeodymium magnets in grade N52. More powerful than grade N42 magnets of the same size.

     Diametric MagnetsDiametrically magnetized magnets are magnetized across the diameter.

     OtherSample Packages, Permanent Magnet Levitators, Steel Balls, Special Shaped Neo Magnets, Magnetic Viewing Film and more.

          Other Magnet ShapesUnique shapes and special-use magnets.

               Arc SegmentsCurved magnet segments of various dimensions and magnetization directions.

               Sample PackagesVarious Sample Packages of our incredible neodymium magnets.

               High Temp MagnetsNeodymium magnets designed for use in high temperature applications

               Mag-Neato ToysHighly polished Strong Magnet Toys that make all kinds of strange noises when they come into contact with each other.

               Stepped DiscsDisc magnets with a stepped perimeter provide a good attachment solution for many applications.

               Stepped BlocksBlock magnets with stepped edges provide a good attachment solution for many applications.

               StarsVarious sizes of star shaped neodymium magnets

               Horseshoe MagnetsClassic Alnico Horseshoe Magnets. Check out our article on Horseshoe Magnets!

               Stir BarsStir Bar magnets used for stirring liquids. Popular for science experiments, research and brewing, like we show in our Stir Bars article.

               Adhesive Backed MagnetsMagnets with pre-applied adhesive backing. Great for magnetic closures on folders or boxes, for hanging art on a wall or hanging a poster!

          Other ProductsMore magnetic and non-magnetic items.

               Magnetic ThumbtacksColorful magnets for the fridge, filing cabinet, locker or other steel surface. In 2 sizes!

               New StuffWe will update this category with our newest magnet additions.

               Levitation and GraphiteVarious items for use in permanent magnet levitation experiments.

               MagswitchMagswitch® magnets are unique, switchable magnets that can be turned on and off with the twist of a knob. Learn more about them here!

               Viewing FilmGreen film used to view magnetic fields of permanent magnets.

               Steel BallsNickel Plated Steel Balls
These are not magnets

               Telescoping Pick-Up ToolsTelescoping Pick-Up tools useful for mechanics or anyone that needs to retrieve metal objects.

               Magnetic Badge HoldersBadge holding sets designed to hold through clothing without using a pin.

               Steel Cups and WashersNickel-plated steel parts for latches or other closure applications.

               Gift IdeasMagnets make great gifts for almost anyone for any occasion!

               Fuel Line MagnetsMagnet assemblies designed for easy placement around fuel lines.  Also usable on water lines.

               Pole IdentifiersDevices to identify the North and South poles of a magnet, or to identify the direction of the magnetic field near a magnet.

               Magnetic Jewelry ClaspsJewelry clasps for making your own jewelry or replacing the clasps on existing bracelets and necklaces.

               Double-sided AdhesivesDouble-sided adhesive dots used to adhere magnets to non-magnetic surfaces.

               Magnet Separating ToolsSpecially designed tools used to separate large magnets.

               Sewing MagnetsAlso called "Sew-In" magnets, designed specifically for use with fabrics as clasps and magnetic attachments.

               Magnet WireInsulated copper wire used for various applications like motor or generator windings, guitar pickups, and even electromagnets!

               Bumper Pads, Adhesive BackedAdhesive Backed Bumper Pads, great for adding friction and protecting your magnets!

               Rubber CoversRubber covers for our Metric Mounting Magnets to protect surfaces and prevent slipping. Now available for sizes 32mm through 75mm diameter.

     ApplicationsMagnets grouped by function for many popular uses.

          Refrigerator MagnetsPopular solutions for fridge magnets, both by themselves or used in craft projects.

               Fridge Magnet: ThumbtacksOur most popular fridge magnet solution comes in two sizes and many colors. Strong, yet easy to handle.

               Fridge Magnet: Tall CylindersTall cylinders are easy to grab. Great for when magnets will be moved often.

               Fridge Magnet: Thin DiscsThin discs have good holding strength, but are harder to grasp. Perfect for items that will stay in one spot for a while.

          Aquarium MagnetsPlastic coated magnets are often chosen as a waterproof solution for use in aquariums. Holds everything from water jets to coral frags. More colors available in our Plastic/Rubber section.

          Meteorite HuntingNeodymium magnets are often used to find and identify meteorites. Learn more in our article on Magnetic Meteorites.

          Magnet FishingUse these magnets to find metal objects at the bottom of lakes, rivers and ponds. Learn more in our article on Magnet Fishing.

          LevitationMagnets, pyrolytic graphite and kits for use in levitation experiments. See our article on Diamagnetic Levitation. Plus magnets often used in low friction magnetic bearings.

          Sensors & RelaysMagnets often chosen to activate Reed Switches & Hall Effect Sensors.

          Crafts & JewelryMagnets used in craft projects, jewelry, sewing and more.

          Science ProjectsPopular magnets and accessories for science projects and experimentation.

          Fuel & Water TreatmentMagnets often used around fluid lines/pipes for fuel or water treatment.

          Healing & TherapyVarious sizes and shapes often used for magnetic therapy applications.

          Models & MiniaturesPopular magnets for modelers, wargamers, train enthusiasts and more!

          Tools & AccessoriesHandy tools and accessories for identifying poles or separating large magnets.

          Hanging Art & SignsUsing magnets to hang art on a wall or signage to a door is a popular application. Here are some common magnets that can be used.

     Best SellersSome of our best selling, most popular magnets!

Neo Mag Info Neodymium Magnet Information.

Order/Ship Info Information on ways to order products from K&J Magnetics, and details about the various shipping options.

Safety Neodymium Magnet Safety Information.

Specs Neodymium Magnet Specifications, including physical properties, thermal characteristics, mechanical, plating options and more.

FAQ Our infamously huge, ever-growing list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Blog The K&J Magnetics blog, including detailed articles about many magnet topics.

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     Magnets in Education

     Magnet Fishing

     Electric Guitar Pickups

     Pins and Brooches

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     Magnets with an OFF Switch

     Fishing Wires Through Walls

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     Leverage & Friction

     Mounting Magnets

     Magnetic Spice Jars

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     Halbach Arrays

     Aquarium Magnets

     Homopolar Motors

     Vehicle Signs

     Magnetic Forces

     Stir Bars

     Adhesive Backed Magnets

     Maglev Trains

     Magnetic Water Treatment

     How to Separate Strong Magnets

     Superconductor Levitation

     Magnet Grades

     Eddy Currents

     Gauss Guns

     Gap Calculator

     Diamagnetism and Levitation

     Shipping Magnets

     Audio Speakers

     Shake Flashlight

     Magnetic Paint

     Magnetic Meteorites

     Pole Climbing Robot

     Hanging Art on a Wall

     Steel Thickness Calculator

     How Neodymium Magnets are Made

     Magnet Basics

     Sewing Magnets

     Pacemaker Safety

     Reed Switches and Hall Effect Sensors

     Hard Drive Destruction

     Temperature and Neodymium Magnets

     Magnetic Knife Holder

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     How Much Will a Magnet Hold?

     Which Pole Is North?

     Surface Fields 101

     Shielding Materials

Glossary Glossary of Magnet Terminology.

Uses A list of just some of the many ways neodymium magnets are used.

About Us Who are K&J Magnetics?

The Contest Descriptions of some of the winners of our monthly magnet-giveaway contest.

     Magnetic Pen


     Hanging Art Blocks

     Magnetic Spice Containers

Custom Magnets The Custom Magnet Request Form.

Pull Force Calculator The Original K&J Pull Force Calculator, calculates the Pull Forces for a given sized disc, cylinder, block or ring magnet in 3 different test cases.

     Repelling Force Calculator Calculates the theoretical repelling force between to same-sized magnets.

     Magnetic Field Calculator Calculates the strength and direction of the magnetic field around a disc or cylinder magnet.

     Steel Plate Thickness Calculator Calculates the Pull Force of a magnet stuck to a steel plate of various thicknesses.

     Gap Calculator Calculates the magnetic field strength between two neodymium magnets separated by a small gap.

     Units Calculator Converts and explains different units used when measuring magnet properties.

RoHS Compliance Statement Our RoHS Compliance Statement in PDF format.

Policies Our policies concerning payment, order cancellation, returns, damages, security and privacy.

Contact Us How to contact us.

Track your order Where are my magnets?

Affiliate Partners Program Become a K&J Affiliate and earn money for directing traffic from your site to K&J Magnetics.

BH Curves Downloadable charts showing the BH curves for our most popular magnet grades.

Build a Magnet Separator Tool Instructions on how to build your own Magnet Separator tool, especially handy for separating large magnets.

Fuel Magnets Our view on saving fuel with magnets.

K7 Instructions Building a Truncated Octahedron.

Magnetization Direction Descriptions of magnetization directions possible for many neodymium magnet shapes.

Magnetic Field Some visualizations of magnetic fields.

Magnet Summary Page Sortable tables showing most of our magnet shapes, including Pull Force and Surface Field values.

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Rubber Coat your magnets So you want to rubber coat your magnets...

Security More information about your security with K&J Magnetics.

Select-a-Size Magnet Finder A table of disc/cylinder or block magnets that helps locate a particular magnet based on it's size.

Video Summary A list of product pages that include videos.


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