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Home The K&J Magnetics welcome page.

Products The K&J Magnetics Products page, shows a top-level listing of product categories.

     Neodymium Magnets...in all shapes and sizes!

          Disc Magnets & Cylinder Magnets

          Block Magnets

          Ring Magnets

          Sphere Magnets

          Mounting Magnets

               Standard Mounting MagnetsStandard measurement system sizes

                    Standard Countersunk Mounting MagnetsMMS-A style

                    Standard Counterbored Mounting MagnetsMMS-B style

                    Standard Male Stud Mounting MagnetsMMS-C style

                    Standard Female Stud Mounting MagnetsMMS-D style

                    Standard Open Hook Mounting MagnetsMMS-E style

                    Standard Eye Hook Mounting MagnetsMMS-G style

                    Standard Internal Thread Mounting MagnetsMMS-H style

               Metric Mounting MagnetsMetric measurement system sizes

                    Metric Countersunk Mounting MagnetsMM-A style

                    Metric Counterbored Mounting MagnetsMM-B style

                    Metric Male Stud Mounting MagnetsMM-C style

                    Metric Female Stud Mounting MagnetsMM-D style

                    Metric Open Hook Mounting MagnetsMM-E style

                    Metric Slotted Hole Mounting MagnetsMM-F style

                    Metric Rubber Magnet CoversMM-RC style

               Rectangular Mounting Magnets

               Hook Mounting Magnets

               Stainless Steel Mounting Magnets

               Rubber Coated Mounting Magnets

          Plastic & Rubber Coated Magnets

          Countersunk Magnets

               Countersunk Block Magnets

               Countersunk Ring Magnets

          Fishing Magnets

          Grade N52 Magnets

          High Temperature Magnets

          Adhesive Backed Magnets

          Magnetic Thumbtacks

          Arc Segment Magnets

          Surplus Magnets

          Magnetic Clasps

          Magnet Sample Packs

          Sewing Magnets

          Diametric Magnets

          Stepped Magnets

               Stepped Disc Magnets

               Stepped Block Magnets

          Star Magnets

          Best Selling Magnets

          New Products


               Fridge Magnets

                    Magnetic Thumbtack Fridge Magnets

                    Cylinder Fridge Magnets

                    Disc Fridge Magnets

               Aquarium Magnets

               Dry Erase Board Magnets

                    Magnetic Whiteboard Magnets

                    Magnetic Glass Magnets

               Levitation Magnets

               Sensor & Relay Magnets

               Science Project Magnets

               Fuel & Water Treatment

               Magnets for Miniatures and Models

               Meteorite Hunting Magnets

               Magnets for Hanging Art & Signs

     Other ProductsOther products and assemblies

          Pyrolytic Graphite

          Magnetic Viewing Film

          Steel BallsThese are not magnets.

          Magnetic Pickup Tools

          Magnetic Badge Holders

          Steel Cups and Washers

          Gift Ideas

          Fuel Treatment Magnets

          Magnetic Pole Identifiers

          Tools & Accessories

          Adhesives for Magnets

          Mag-Neato Toys

          Horseshoe Magnets

          Magnetic Stir Bars

          Magnet Wire

          Adhesive Non Slip Pads

Neo Mag Info Neodymium Magnet Information.

Order/Ship Info Information on ways to order products from K&J Magnetics, and details about the various shipping options.

Safety Neodymium Magnet Safety Information.

Specs Neodymium Magnet Specifications, including physical properties, thermal characteristics, mechanical, plating options and more.

FAQ Our infamously huge, ever-growing list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Blog The K&J Magnetics blog, including detailed articles about many magnet topics.

     Magnetic Thumbtacks

     Storage & Organization

     Neodymium vs Ceramic Magnets

     Uses for Countersunk Magnets

     Costumes & Cosplay

     Battery Car II

     Mounting Outdoor Decor

     Magnetic Bow Tie

     Magnetic Hockey Table

     Summer Experiments & Games

     Magnetic License Plates

     Magnetic Mechanisms

     Magnets in the Kitchen

     All About Countersunk Magnets

     Tool Organization

     Magnetic Trains

     Magnet Fishing II

     Rocks and Crystals

     Magnetic Gears

     Dent Removal

     Removable Access Panel

     DIY Magnetic Lock

     Magnetic Locks

     Magnetic Screen Doors

     Prototype Chess Board

     Repelling Magnet Forces

     Re-Magnetizing Refrigerator Seals

     Red October

     Magnetic Dipole Moment

     Tensegrity Table

     Magnetic Pincushion

     Stainless Steel

     Magnetic Table Legs

     DIY Ammeter

     Free Energy

     Watching Magnets Rust

     Magnetic Money Clip

     Shear Force with Doors

     Magnetic Poles are a Myth

     Hanging with Hooks

     Shipping Magnets II

     Eddy Currents II

     Cheating at Dice

     Magnetic Car Camping Screens

     Relic Hunting

     What are Fluxlines?

     Plastic Cup Microphone

     Can Magnets Clean Dirty Laundry?

     3D Printed Wind Turbine

     Raspberry Pi Alarm System

     Magnetic Pogo Stick

     Induction Stove - Frying Eggs with Magnets

     Brushless DC Motor

     Magnetic Geocache Containers

     Magnetic Smartphone Mount

     A Magnetic Koozie

     Curve Bullets with a Magnet

     Halbach Arrays II

     Magnet Sweeper


     iPhone App: KJ Pole ID

     Breaking Magnets

     Magnetic Office Decor

     Levitating Top

     Electromagnetic Levitation

     Magnetic Doorstops

     Does Steel Block or Improve Magnetic Strength

     Viewing Fields

     Measuring Magnets

     Side By Side

     Earthquakes II

     The Simplest Motor

     Magnets vs. Steel

     Rubber Mounting Magnets

     Simple Magnetic Train

     Magnetic Coupling Boat

     Solar Powered Motors

     Fix a Ceramic Magnet

     Magnetic Cabinet Closures

     X-Wing Miniatures Game Mod

     Remagnetizing Fridge Magnets

     Volcanos and Earthquakes

     Belt-Clip Hammer Holder

     Light Switch Key Holder

     Magnet Car with AA Battery

     Magnet Cannon

     Magnets in Education

     Magnet Fishing

     Electric Guitar Pickups

     Pins and Brooches

     Electromagnet Demonstration

     Magnets with an OFF Switch

     Fishing Wires Through Walls

     Hang a Big Poster

     Finding Studs with Magnets

     Dry-Erase Boards

     Christmas Wreaths

     Painting Magnets

     Google Cardboard

     Magnets Are Everywhere

     Emergency! (Big Magnets are Strong)

     Why are Magnets Shaped like Horseshoes?

     More About Magnetic Separation

     Magnetic Grates

     Make a Magnetometer

     Magnetic Bottle Opener

     Magnetic Cereal

     Credit Cards and Magnetic Stripes

     Mag-Neato Toys

     All About Magnetization Direction

     Doubled Forces

     Magnets Are Weird

     iPhone Magnetic Measurements

     Mendocino Motor


     Leverage & Friction

     Mounting Magnets

     Magnetic Spice Jars

     The Earth Is a Magnet

     Halbach Arrays

     Aquarium Magnets

     Homopolar Motors

     Vehicle Signs

     Magnetic Forces

     Stir Bars

     Adhesive Backed Magnets

     Maglev Trains

     Magnetic Water Treatment

     How to Separate Strong Magnets

     Superconductor Levitation

     Magnet Grades

     Eddy Currents

     Gauss Guns

     Gap Calculator

     Diamagnetism and Levitation

     Shipping Magnets

     Audio Speakers

     Shake Flashlight

     Magnetic Paint

     Magnetic Meteorites

     Pole Climbing Robot

     Hanging Art on a Wall

     Steel Thickness Calculator

     How Neodymium Magnets are Made

     Magnet Basics

     Sewing Magnets

     Pacemaker Safety

     Reed Switches and Hall Effect Sensors

     Hard Drive Destruction

     Temperature and Neodymium Magnets

     Magnetic Knife Holder

     Sticky Business - How to Glue Neodymium Magnets

     How Much Will a Magnet Hold?

     Which Pole Is North?

     Surface Fields 101

     Shielding Materials

Glossary Glossary of Magnet Terminology.

Uses A list of just some of the many ways neodymium magnets are used.

About Us Who are K&J Magnetics?

The Contest Descriptions of some of the winners of our monthly magnet-giveaway contest.

     Magnetic Pen


     Hanging Art Blocks

     Magnetic Spice Containers

Custom Magnets The Custom Magnet Request Form.

Pull Force Calculator The Original K&J Pull Force Calculator, calculates the Pull Forces for a given sized disc, cylinder, block or ring magnet in 3 different test cases.

     Repelling Force Calculator Calculates the theoretical repelling force between to same-sized magnets.

     Magnetic Field Calculator Calculates the strength and direction of the magnetic field around a disc or cylinder magnet.

     Steel Plate Thickness Calculator Calculates the Pull Force of a magnet stuck to a steel plate of various thicknesses.

     Gap Calculator Calculates the magnetic field strength between two neodymium magnets separated by a small gap.

     Units Calculator Converts and explains different units used when measuring magnet properties.

RoHS Compliance Statement Our RoHS Compliance Statement in PDF format.

Policies Our policies concerning payment, order cancellation, returns, damages, security and privacy.

Contact Us How to contact us.

Track your order Where are my magnets?

BH Curves Downloadable charts showing the BH curves for our most popular magnet grades.

Build a Magnet Separator Tool Instructions on how to build your own Magnet Separator tool, especially handy for separating large magnets.

Fuel Magnets Our view on saving fuel with magnets.

K7 Instructions Building a Truncated Octahedron.

Magnetization Direction Descriptions of magnetization directions possible for many neodymium magnet shapes.

Magnetic Field Some visualizations of magnetic fields.

Magnet Summary Page Sortable tables showing most of our magnet shapes, including Pull Force and Surface Field values.

Newsletter Signup Sign up to receive our email newsletter, including exclusive discount codes.

Rubber Coat your magnets So you want to rubber coat your magnets...

Security More information about your security with K&J Magnetics.

Select-a-Size Magnet Finder A table of disc/cylinder or block magnets that helps locate a particular magnet based on it's size.

Video Summary A list of product pages that include videos.


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