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Neodymium Magnet Specifications

List of neodymium magnet physical, magnetic, thermal and plating properties

Visit our magnet finder to find a size or shape or for the pull force and surface field of each of our stock magnets listed in table format

Magnetic Characteristics

Material TypeResidual Flux Density (Br)Coercive Force (Hc)Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hci)Max Energy Product (BH)max
N3511.7-12.1 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe33-35 MGOe
N3812.2-12.6 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe36-38 MGOe
N4012.6-12.9 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe38-40 MGOe
N4213.0-13.2 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe40-42 MGOe
N4513.3-13.7 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe43-45 MGOe
N4813.8-14.2 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe45-48 MGOe
N5014.1-14.5 KGs>11.0 KOe>11 KOe48-50 MGOe
N5214.5-14.8 KGs>11.2 KOe>11 KOe49.5-52 MGOe
N35M11.7-12.1 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe33-35 MGOe
N38M12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe36-38 MGOe
N40M12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe38-40 MGOe
N42M13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe40-42 MGOe
N45M13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe42-45 MGOe
N48M13.6-14.2 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe45-48 MGOe
N50M14.1-14.5 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe48-50 MGOe
N52M14.3-14.8 KGs>12.5 KOe>13 KOe49-52 MGOe
N33H11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>17 KOe31-33 MGOe
N35H11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>17 KOe33-35 MGOe
N38H12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe36-38 MGOe
N40H12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe38-40 MGOe
N42H13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe40-42 MGOe
N45H13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe42-45 MGOe
N48H13.6-14.2 KGs>11.4 KOe>16 KOe45-48 MGOe
N50H14.1-14.5 KGs>11.4 KOe>16 KOe48-50 MGOe
N35SH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>20 KOe33-35 MGOe
N38SH12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe36-38 MGOe
N40SH12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe38-40 MGOe
N42SH13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe40-42 MGOe
N45SH13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>19 KOe43-45 MGOe
N48SH13.8-14.2 KGs>11.4 KOe>19 KOe45-48 MGOe
N50SH14.1-14.5 KGs>11.4 KOe>19 KOe48-50 MGOe
N52SH14.3-14.8 KGs>11.4 KOe>19 KOe49-52 MGOe
N30UH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>25 KOe28-30 MGOe
N33UH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>25 KOe31-33 MGOe
N35UH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>25 KOe33-35 MGOe
N38UH12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe36-38 MGOe
N40UH12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe38-40 MGOe
N42UH13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe40-42 MGOe
N45UH13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe42-45 MGOe
N30EH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>30 KOe28-30 MGOe
N33EH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>30 KOe31-33 MGOe
N35EH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>30 KOe33-35 MGOe
N38EH12.2-12.6 KGs>10.8 KOe>30 KOe36-38 MGOe
N40EH12.6-12.9 KGs>10.8 KOe>30 KOe38-40 MGOe
N30AH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>34 KOe28-30 MGOe
N33AH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.2 KOe>34 KOe31-33 MGOe
N35AH11.7-12.1 KGs>11.0 KOe>34 KOe33-35 MGOe


Thermal Characteristics

Neodymium Material TypeMaximum Operating TempCurie Temp
N176°F (80°C)590°F (310°C)
NM212°F (100°C)644°F (340°C)
NH248°F (120°C)644°F (340°C)
NSH302°F (150°C)644°F (340°C)
NUH356°F (180°C)662°F (350°C)
NEH392°F (200°C)662°F (350°C)
NAH428°F (220°C)662°F (350°C)
The Thermal Characteristics listed above are values commonly associated with each magnet's grade or material.  Actual performance in your application may vary with other factors, including the shape of the magnet, the Permeance Coefficient or load line, and how it is used in a circuit.  See our in-depth article on Temperature and Neodymium Magnets for more details.


Physical and Mechanical Characteristics


7.4-7.5 g/cm3

Compression Strength

950 MPa (137,800 psi)

Tensile Strength

80 MPa (11,600 psi)

Vickers Hardness (Hv)


Young's Modulus

160 GPa (23,200 ksi)

Recoil Permeability

1.05 µrec

Electrical Resistivity (p)

160 µ-ohm-cm
Heat Capacity350-500 J/(kg.°C)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (0 to 100°C)
parallel to magnetization direction
5.2 x 10-6 /°C
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (0 to 100°C)
perpendicular to magnetization direction
-0.8 x 10-6 /°C


Plating Characteristics

Plating TypeOverall ThicknessSalt Spray TestPressure Cooker Test
NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel)15-21 µm24 hours48 hours
NiCu + Black Nickel15-21 µm24 hours48 hours
NiCuNi + Epoxy20-28 µm48 hours72 hours
NiCuNi + Gold16-23 µm36 hours72 hours
NiCuNi + Silver16-23 µm24 hours48 hours
Zinc7-15 µm12 hours24 hours
Each individual layer of Nickel and Copper are 5-7 µm thick. The Gold and Silver plating layers are 1-2 µm thick.
Test results shown to allow comparison between plating options. Performance in your application under your specific test conditions may vary. Salt Spray testing conducted with a 5% NaCl solution, at 35°C. Pressure Cooker Test (PCT) conducted at 2 atm, 120°C at 100% RH.

Measurement Systems

Unitcgs SystemSI SystemEnglish System
Length (L)centimeter (cm)meter (m)inch (in)
Flux (Ø)MaxwellWeber (Wb)Maxwell
Flux Density (B)Gauss (G)Tesla (T)lines/in2
Magnetizing Force (H)Oersted (Oe)Ampere turns/m (At/m)Ampere turns/in (At/in)
Magnetomotive Force (mmf or F)Gilbert (Gb)Ampere turn (At)Ampere turn (At)


Conversion Between Systems

cgs System to SI system
1 Oe = 79.62 At/m
10,000 G = 1 T
1 Gb = 0.79577 At
1 Maxwell = 1 Line = 10-8 Wb
1 G = 0.155 lines/in2

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