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Magnets grouped by function for many popular uses.
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Refrigerator Magnets
Popular solutions for fridge magnets, both by themselves or used in craft projects.
Aquarium Magnets
Plastic coated magnets are often chosen as a waterproof solution for use in aquariums. Holds everything from water jets to coral frags. More colors available in our Plastic/Rubber section.
Meteorite Hunting
Neodymium magnets are often used to find and identify meteorites. Learn more in our article on Magnetic Meteorites.
Magnet Fishing
Use these magnets to find metal objects at the bottom of lakes, rivers and ponds. Learn more in our article on Magnet Fishing.
Magnets, pyrolytic graphite and kits for use in levitation experiments. See our article on Diamagnetic Levitation. Plus magnets often used in low friction magnetic bearings.
Sensors & Relays
Magnets often chosen to activate Reed Switches & Hall Effect Sensors.
Crafts & Jewelry
Magnets used in craft projects, jewelry, sewing and more.
Science Projects
Popular magnets and accessories for science projects and experimentation.

Fuel & Water Treatment
Magnets often used around fluid lines/pipes for fuel or water treatment.
Healing & Therapy
Various sizes and shapes often used for magnetic therapy applications.
Models & Miniatures
Popular magnets for modelers, wargamers, train enthusiasts and more!
Tools & Accessories
Handy tools and accessories for identifying poles or separating large magnets.
Hanging Art & Signs
Using magnets to hang art on a wall or signage to a door is a popular application. Here are some common magnets that can be used.

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Disc Magnets
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Cylinder Magnets
9/16" dia. x 5/8" thick

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