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Magnets in the Kitchen

We like to think that magnets can be used just about anywhere and for just about anything. This month, we'll focus on some practical ways you can use magnets in one of the most used areas of your home - the kitchen.

Check out the video below to see some great ways to use magnets in the kitchen. Below the video is a summary of each application, listing the magnets used and some additional tips.


Magnetic spice jars

Magnetic Spice Jars

Our previous Magnetic Spice Jars article has some great information on this project. In summary, for our smaller 1.5 oz jars, we used a 2x2 array of B442 magnets, as described in the previous article. For larger jars, we used a 2x2 array of B882 magnets, both arrays placed inside of the lid.

Cabinet Closures

We also discussed this in our previous Magnetic Cabinet Closures article. In this month's video, we used some D81AD-P to help hold a cabinet closed. Be sure to clean both surfaces with alcohol or some other de-greaser prior to applying the adhesive. Also, try not to touch the adhesive at all. While the adhesive is strong, it doesn't always stick well to all cabinet surfaces.

Knife Holder

Again, revisiting our old Magnetic Knife Holder article, we made a new one using the same methods outlined in the previous article. In this design, we used a row of D84 magnets behind 1/16" of wood and had great results. We even used some B888TP-N52 to hold the entire thing to a fridge door!

Magnetic knife block
A row of hidden D84 hold these well!
Magnetic bottle opener
Never search for a bottle opener again!

Bottle Opener

For this bottle opener, we used 4 RC22CS-N to hold it to the fridge and 2 powerful DX08B-N52 to catch the bottle caps. There are other magnet combinations that could work too, as we talk about in our Magnetic Bottle Opener article.

Magnetic sponge

Magnetic Sponges

Finally, a new idea! We cut a regular sponge in half and glued some RX034DCSPC-BLK inside of them. The magnets attract well through a glass mason jar. This allows for you to clean the inside of those hard to reach areas, while simultaneously cleaning the outside too!

Sous Vide

This is an application we heard about through some of our customers. Sometimes when cooking Sous Vide, the bag will float to the top of the water and won't be cooked evenly. You can use magnets to help hold the bag in place. We used some B888PC-RED to help keep the bag from floating too much. We'd only recommend our plastic coated magnets for this, as they won't corrode in water.

Hanging With Hooks

There are many uses for our hook-type magnets in the kitchen. Hang your towels, oven mitts, and dish cloths quickly and easily. We like our WPH-SM for smaller items and our WPH-LG for larger items. Two WPH-LG can hold a bag weighing up to 20 lb! These are also great for hanging grill utensils or even pots/pans!

Magnetic pen grocery list

Magnetic Pen and Grocery List

Wanting to write your grocery list but can't find a pen? Keep one right on the fridge! We took a pen apart and put a R424DIA inside of it. This setup holds the pen strongly to the fridge, but it comes off with ease. Our Magnetic Thumbtacks are great for holding lists or recipes as well. Our XLTK-RED (sold in 7 other colors) can hold nearly 20 index cards to the fridge!

Bag Closure

Are you still using clothespins to keep your bags closed? Use magnets instead! We choose to use some D84PC-RED for this, but other plastic coated magnets would work too. Not only will they help keep your food fresh, but you could stick the bag to the top of the fridge to hide them from your kids!

Customer feedback!

Do you use magnets in your kitchen? We'd love to hear from you! Email us a picture of how you use them, and we'll update this article to include more ideas!