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  • Description
  • Dimensions: 2-3/32" diameter x 1-3/4" tall
  • Material: Assembly of NdFeB disc magnets, steel and plastic housing
  • Weight: 1.95 oz. (55.2 g)
  • Supported Load: approx 5 lb., varies per table below
  • Surface Field: N/A
  • Brmax: 12,600 Gauss
  • BHmax: 38 MGOe
These waterproof plastic hooks are designed to hold a load to a vertical surface, and are great for locations that can get wet.  Perfect for outdoor use.  Their rotating hook hangs below the magnet assembly, allowing them to hang all sorts of things from vertical surfaces.  Every hook contains six powerful neodymium magnets, making them an excellent option for hanging jackets, keys or even small bags from a filing cabinet, refrigerator or other steel surface.

How much weight can these handy hooks support?  It depends, especially on what type of surface it is sticking to.  As described in How Much Will a Magnet Hold, it depends very much on the friction between the two surfaces, which is difficult to predict.  Here are the results from a few measurements we made:

Surface Supported Load [lb]
Thick (1") steel plate, cold rolled steel 10 -12
Steel Door, Painted 5 - 6
Refrigerator (painted steel) 4 - 5
Filing Cabinet 7 - 9
 Price: $3.69
Price ea.Qty
$3.69 1-4
$3.61 5-9
$3.53 10-24
$3.44 25-49
$3.36 50-99
$3.28 100-249
$3.20 250-499
$3.11 500-999
$3.03 1000-2499
$2.95 2500-4999
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