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MT-L - Mag-Neato Toys

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Mag-Neato Toys - Large Size

Approximately 2 3/8" long x 3/4" diameter at the thickest point

These great magnet toysare incredibly addicting and fun. Made from highly polished hematite magnet material, they have a deep charcoal/black color and an ultra smooth finish.

These magnet toys are incredibly fascinating. Whenever they are separated, they will try to find each other, and when they do, amazing things happen.  Check out the video (under the "Video" tab) to see and hear whirring, butting a chirping sounds that can be made with these magnets.

There are many tricks you can perform with Mag-Neato Toys. They are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

These magnets are sold elsewhere under names like "magnetoids". Ours are the same magnets, only priced much lower. We don't sell them with all the fancy packaging, but once you get ahold of them, you'll never put them away anyway! Stock up now while our supply lasts. Priced and sold by the pair, these "Mag-Neatos" will be very popular gifts this Christmas season.

WARNINGS:   Mag-Neato Toys are very durable, but they are not indestructible. They will break if they are dropped on a hard surface. They are also magnets, so the same rules apply to them as apply to our neodymium magnets. Keep them away from electronics and magnetic storage media. See our Safety Page for all the details.

Sold by the pair.

 Price: $4.00
Price ea.Qty
$4.00 1-4
$3.70 5-9
$3.40 10-24
$3.10 25-49
$2.80 50-99
$2.60 100-249
$2.40 250-499
$2.20 500-999
$2.00 1000-2499
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