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Uses for Countersunk Magnets

We have dozens of different countersunk magnets, in various shapes, sizes and strengths. These are some of our most popular magnets, but what can they be used for? In this article, we'll highlight some common uses for countersunk magnets and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Basically, countersunk magnets are good for whenever you need to securely fasten a magnet to an object or surface. Gluing magnets works, but sometimes you need something more rigid, which is where countersunk magnets are great.

Countersunk magnet on steel washer
A R822CS-N will stick anywhere on the larger NSWX02 steel washer. Washer is oversized to get 99% of pull force.

FAQ about countersunk magnets

Rivet Size Magnets
1/8" rivet R622CS-N, R822CS-N, RA22CS-N, B848CS, B884DCS, BC82CS-N, BC84DCS, BCC4DCS, BX048CS, BX082CS-N, BX088DCS, BX0X03DCS, BX884DCS, BY084DCS
3/16" rivet RC22CS-N, RC24DCS, RE22CS-N, RX033CS-N, RX434DCS, RX836DCS, BX0X08DCB, BY0X04DCS, BY0X08DCS

Check out our Countersunk Magnets article where we do some testing on the torque limitations for countersunk magnets.

Common Uses

Click the links below to find more details about the magnets used in each picture!

Tool organization - Hang tools on the wall with strong countersunk magnets.

Magnetic tool organization
This design holds up various tools with ease!

Removable panels - Need to make a removable access panel in your wall or ceiling? Countersunk magnets can help!

Removable access panel with magnets
These magnets are too strong for our weak engineers!

Door closures and doorstops - Hold doors open or closed using magnets. This is popular for sliding barn doors.

Magnetic door stop
A K&J prototype doorstop using a countersunk RC22CS-N ring magnet!
Rotating design #2

Magnet sweeper - Screw a magnet to a handle and pick up magnetic material.

Countersunk maget on a stick picking up screws
An MMS-A-Y8 screwed to a handle.

Models and miniatures - Countersunk magnets can help make movable joints or connect pieces easily.

Magnetic mounts for star wars models miniatures
Countersunk magnets with a steel ball make a movable joint.
magnetic train couplings
A R622CS-P pair with a NSB6 steel ball in between.

Cabinet closures - Keep stubborn cabinet doors or drawers shut.

Countersunk magnet installed on cabinet door
An NSW82 steel washer is attached to the door.
Countersunk magnet installed on cabinet frame
A RC22CS-N magnet attached to the cabinet with a flat-head screw.

Bottle opener - Mount a bottle opener to a surface and catch the caps!

Magnetic bottle openers
Countersunk magnets hold it to the fridge and catch caps.

Hanging art - Using a hook is boring, use magnets instead.

Countersunk magnets on wall
Mount to the wall and frame.
Countersunk magnets on wall with item in between
Sandwich between two magnets.

New shapes and sizes!

We've added a few new countersunk shapes and sizes, see our BX882CS-P, BX084DCS and R824DCS. We've also added several existing sizes, but in grade N52! Check out our New Stuffcategory.

What projects have you used countersunk magnets for? Email us a photo, contactus@kjmagnetics.com, and we'll include it in this article!