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Magnetic Thumbtacks
Colorful magnets for the fridge, filing cabinet, locker or other steel surface. In 2 sizes!
New Stuff
We will update this category with our newest magnet additions.
Levitation and Graphite
Various items for use in permanent magnet levitation experiments.
Magswitch® magnets are unique, switchable magnets that can be turned on and off with the twist of a knob. Learn more about them here!
Viewing Film
Green film used to view magnetic fields of permanent magnets.
Steel Balls
Nickel Plated Steel Balls
These are not magnets
Telescoping Pick-Up Tools
Telescoping Pick-Up tools useful for mechanics or anyone that needs to retrieve metal objects.
Magnetic Badge Holders
Badge holding sets designed to hold through clothing without using a pin.
Steel Cups and Washers
Nickel-plated steel parts for latches or other closure applications.
Gift Ideas
Magnets make great gifts for almost anyone for any occasion!
Fuel Line Magnets
Magnet assemblies designed for easy placement around fuel lines.  Also usable on water lines.
Pole Identifiers
Devices to identify the North and South poles of a magnet, or to identify the direction of the magnetic field near a magnet.
Magnetic Jewelry Clasps
Jewelry clasps for making your own jewelry or replacing the clasps on existing bracelets and necklaces.
Double-sided Adhesives
Double-sided adhesive dots used to adhere magnets to non-magnetic surfaces.
Magnet Separating Tools
Specially designed tools used to separate large magnets.
Sewing Magnets
Also called "Sew-In" magnets, designed specifically for use with fabrics as clasps and magnetic attachments.
Magnet Wire
Insulated copper wire used for various applications like motor or generator windings, guitar pickups, and even electromagnets!

Bumper Pads, Adhesive Backed
Adhesive Backed Bumper Pads, great for adding friction and protecting your magnets!


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Disc Magnets
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Stepped Block Magnets

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